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A forum for those who survived death and as well as being banned from NDERF or Near Death and Afterlife as well as for those who left of their own accord.

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Source Code

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1Source Code Empty Source Code on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:08 am


Has anyone here seen this movie?

Just rented it for this evening and I think that some out there may find it interesting. Very Happy

Ok, tell me if I'm the only one that finds this a coincidence...
I just submitted a science fiction that I wrote to a literary agency, and in my story I have a character named "Dominique" and a character named "Ben" and my main character taught at Stanford University.

Well, I decided to look up the story line to source code and found that a movie called "Moon" was also written by "Ben Ripley" who graduated from Stanford University and used the name "Dominique" as one of his characters.

Now granted, that may all be simply circumstantial as people think alike sometimes, but it is odd to me that this particular author is also thinking along the line of the Multiverse theory. I guess that I just found it as a bit Cool . I wonder if he had an nde? (You'll see what I mean if you watch Source Code)

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