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A forum for those who survived death and as well as being banned from NDERF or Near Death and Afterlife as well as for those who left of their own accord.

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The Righteous

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1The Righteous Empty The Righteous on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:42 pm

Which do you feel should perhaps be considered acceptable when it comes to religions:

1. Those that promote their religion and even push their religion?

2. Or, those that practice their religion but take it no further?

Consider this: Those that push their religious agendas may in fact feel that they need to save those that do not believe as they do, because we may go to hell or face some sort of detriment after death? So, by that standard, then it appears that those that push their agendas, care, while those that don't push their religion, don't care?

With that, do people such as those that we encounter with religious agenda actually care? Do they care enough to lie and deceive and sacrifice their own safety (being burned forever and ever) in order to protect the rest of us from such punishments for our non-beliefs?

On the other hand, those that practice and take it no further may in fact feel that it's a matter of choice and be it from them to possibly instigate anger or uprising?

So, with these motivations of fear and survival in both situations, do any of you feel that there is resolution, and if so, what?

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