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Think I found my purpose .

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1Think I found my purpose . Empty Think I found my purpose . on Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:21 pm

Oh well I just came to realisation why I am still around .

And that is laughter and realisation that humanity is to be blaimed for all there own mistakes .
When people are pulling your leg hard , you cannot blaim them for your fall .
You can only laugh at yourself , for allowing it .

Maybe it is my reason to be back , since the more I evolve , the more I laugh at things , the more I admire the contradictions we put onto ourself , we evolved so much that simplicity does not excist anymore.

When we take everything out of context twist it around 6 times , then apply logic together with a illogical argument, just have the answer ready for another illillogical arugment , we just lost our answer .
When the statement is still illogical .

See I am in a strange way happy , maybe sound strange for many of our fellow brothers or sisters .
But without evolving .even if you know there is a beter place.
There is no point yet to go back , one has to understand my purpose is to evolve ,for nobody else then myself .

Sometimes evolvement is stand back and admire or laugh at the mess humanity has created for themself .
Remember if you cannot laugh at work of art , no matter if your didn´t like the art , then there is no point in art itself .

Keep the chin up people no matter how dark the world gets.
You can always laugh at it and learn .


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2Think I found my purpose . Empty Re: Think I found my purpose . on Thu May 03, 2012 10:55 pm

I want to ad sometimes the suffering or struggle doesn´t seem worthwhile on a grander scale ..

And it seems just fading into darkness is beter then the struggle.
Sadly it is not true , fading away is everything you didn´t want to do .
Maybe what you do now seems pointless , what you go trough is harsh .
Nobody but fellow NDE understand that .
We all have huge problems and the mountain of dissapointment lack of understanding keeps on pilling up .
That we forget sometimes , the enjoyment or ligth we radiate to others.
We are small pebbles on the road , while some just pass over it others trip on it and pick them self up .
And more then enough just kick us away .

but that doesn´t mean you can simply say fade away .
I do not persuade anybody to think otherwise , since pain and suffering is huge for most of us .
And while I say each there own choice in life , you sometimes have to reflect back on the goods you done for others .
Even if the rewards currently are not sufficient .

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